our works


Deltabi realizes coverings for faà§ades in metal and other materials: from aluminium to stainless steel, from Alucobond panels to glass, being able to meet the most various architectural needs.

In the realization of the covering, Deltabi prefers, besides the component quality, the choice of systems that guarantee safety, set up facility and maintenance simplicity.

The solutions offered by Deltabi for the covering of the faà§ades of commercial prefabricated, sheds, exhibition halls, offices, banks and commercial businesses range from the curve continuous faà§ades to the pierced aluminium panels, to the wavy, notched or with tempered glass mirror sheet metals.

The expertise acquired in the execution of high quality works permits Deltabi to examine and develop every kind of project respecting the national and European norms in force and using innovative materials and solutions.

Among them, for example, the use of Alucobond panels in alternative to the glass. Alucobond is a composit panel composed of two aluminium covering foils and a mineral nucleus. The great material features permit an extraordinary relation between weight and flexion resistance: the panels remain dimensionally stable and plane also in presence of extreme thermal oscillation.

The main features of this kind of covering are:

  • realization of durable coverings
  • high acustic and thermal insulation
  • facility of the installation
  • quick realization times
  • easy intervention after the installation

Also the use of panels of pierced sheet metal for the covering of faà§ades is a very versatile solution both for the creation of new realizations and for the renovation or the enlargement of existing buildings. The extreme adaptability and lightness of the pierced sheet metal is evident both at the visual perception and in the arrangement and the dimensioning of the main structures of the coverings.