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stairs and parapets

Deltabi Costruzioni designs, realizes and sets up metal emergency stairs for industrial, commercial or residence buildings, and designs and realizes interior stairs for every kind of environment.

Thanks to its great professionalism and its staff expertise, Deltabi is able to give, for each project, the most adequate technical-constructive solution for the architectural reference environment. In practice, the search for ideal solution is translated in planning skills, realization abilities, material qualities, work safety, esthetic impact.

Elaborate made-to-measure projects and lead them to the correct execution is very imporant when you need to work respecting the exterior bonds, like for example in the realization of metal stairs or structure for hoists to be inserted in particular spaces or in the realization of emergency stairs that must be according not only to the law about the safety but also to the dispositions of the Fine Arts protecting historical buildings.

Moreover, professionalism and expertise permits Deltabi to meet the creative, functional and esthetic needs of the Customer, for example in the realization of helicoidal main structures, boardwalks, or in the customized refining of the particulars: parapets, small mirrors, and banisters.

All the stairs designed by Deltabi can be refined with a wide range of materials, from iron to steel, from glass to wood or other coverings chosen by the customer in order to build the most suitable solution for its needs.