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special projects

Deltabi, by using the best technology and the most innovative materials, is able to guarantee to its customers great results also in the realization of particular projects like the supply of structures for the support of elements for showrooms and exhibition arrangements or the realization of frame structures and special coverings.

Deltabi puts at disposal of its customers a skilled staff of engineers and technicians, able to locate and design the safest and the most technologically advanced solution in order to meet every constructive need, following each realization process phase, from the designing to the set up.

The frame structure, for example, is innovative, dynamic and adaptable to each environment kind of covering, easy to set up, and with great esthetic impact. It is the most convenient economic solution to cover spaces for season use like balconies and open spaces, maintaining and improving the features of the sun light. The 3D modeling of the frame structures permits Deltabi technicians to quickly locate the technologically most suitable solution for the covering needs.