Safety staircase

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Safety staircase

Safety staircase

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Safety ladder design for hot galvanized tanks

Design, supply and installation of external safety staircase 10,00 m high, complete with load-bearing structure in metal carpentry, columns in HEA profile, side stringers in UPN, bracings, floor and treads in electro forged grating. Railings complete with vertical posts, handrails and knee rail fencing in tubular profile. Material hot-dip galvanized EN 1461.

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Construction of stairs for digesters

Series of industrial stairs (15-18-meter heigh), totally independent from the surrounding structures. The towers of stairs are realized in hot-galvalized steel. one of the main features of this intervention is the reduced space of intervention, given the numerous surrounding installations.

Interior stair

Interior stair for renovation of a rural building to be used as house composed of a structure with a central beam in steel plate, step supports and parapets uprights in pantographed sheet metal. Transparent glass steps and parapets with uprights and girders in tubular profile. Structure set up and polished during the works.

Elliptical interior stair for shop

Elliptical interior stair realized for a shop in Edimburgh (Scotland), composed of a main calendered full sheet metal. The stair parapets and of the plane have been realized in natural mirror-polished brass. All the decorative elements, like bushes, joints and knobs have been created and turned to measure.

Helicoidal stairs

Realization of interior helicoidal stairs in Codroipo (Udine) which are 8 meters high, have an available width of 1.50 meters inclusive of the supporting structures of the continuous curved faà§ade. The bearing structure is made up of a central support in round pipe of 300 mm of diameter which was flattened and spiral-shaped. The supports for the steps and the parapets uprights were laser-shaped. The structures are painted, the stainless steel handrails were jointed, welded and satinized on the spot. The sides of the parapets are made with ropes, tensioners and accessories in stainless steel.

Interior design glass stair

Interior design stair with two flights with linear trend and landing. Structure composed of columns with tubular pofile and landing supports in pate. Steps in multilayer glass supported by transverse square profiles and calici" turned in stainless steel. Covering of the interior stairs parapets with structure in plate profile and trasparent extralight glass. Hiding of lower structural elements in pierced sheet metal. Superficial finishing of the metal parts with polishing in micaceous iron."

Parapet for interior stairs

Parapets for interior stairs with structure in zinc-plated and powder painted iron. Parapets with stainless steel handrail, jointed with commercial articulations.

Stairs of the Canossian Institute in Padua

Safety stairs realized in the old city centre in Padua in compliance with the directions of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office. The bearing structure is made of zinc-plated and painted iron, the steps and landings are in wooden strips, the parapets in iron with satin stainless steel handrail and sides in tempered glass, hooked with stainless steel glass-stopping pliers and accessories.

Stairs of Padua University

Safety stairs realized at Padua University. The bearing structures are in iron, they are protected by hot zinc-plating and powder painting. The steps and landings are made with zinc-plated heelproof grating, the false ceilings and the finishing elements are in exterior wood. The lift opening was supplied with accident-prevention and shatter-proof glass and with all the prearrangements for the elevator.

Realization parapets for purifier

Stair and basin parapets realized with angular and tubular profiles. Kick board of the perimeter parapets realized with sealed stainless steel sheets, in order to avoid the leak of water. Metal walkways for the maintenance of the installation and support of the mixers.

Construction parapets and safety stairs for digester

Stairs and parapets made of galvanized steel on 16 ml diameter digesters, with rock wood and corrugated sheets covering.

Residential villa parapets

Supply of parapets and fences of a residential villa, composed of uprights and plate girders and curtain wall with vertical bars in round profiles. Material treated with hot galvanization and oven polishing. Banister in satin stainless steel. Two entrance canopies have been supplied with the interior structure in stainless steel and caulked covering with aluminium finishing, all this to prevent the corrosion due to the proximity to the sea.

Safety stair for industrial building

Safety stairs realized on an industrial building to have access to the roof. Full columns, landings and steps in electrowelded grid. Parapets of the stairs realized in angular and tube profiles, parapet panels in microforated sheet.

Realization of safety stairs and railings for purifier

Safety stairs to enter a productive building with full columns, landings and steps in electrowelded grid. Stair and basin parapets realized with angular and tubular profiles. Kick board of the perimeter parapets realized with sealed stainless steel sheets, in order to avoid the leak of water. Metal walkways for the maintenance of the installation and support of the mixers.

Interior design glass staircase

Interior design staircase realized in an office at Bosco Marengo (Alessandria area) complete of load-bearing structure with stringers in brushed stainless steel, threads supports in brushed stainless steel and threads, landings and parapets in laminated tempered extra clear glass.