Shelters at Padua Fiere


Shelters at Padua Fiere

Shelters at Padua Fiere

Cladding /commercial / Padova
Cladding /commercial / Padova
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Micro perforated sheet and polycarbonate alveolar opalescent plates

Shelters for the entrances to the pavilions of Padua Fair, they can be lighted frontally or from the back. The bearing structures are in zinc-plated steel, the roofing was made with micro perforated sheets placed in front of polycarbonate alveolar opalescent plates. Moreover, in the upper part intrados to place floodlights for frontal lighting were realized.

Other works in the same category

Wall cladding

Wall cladding realized in prepainted aluminum slats color RAL 1003 "signal yellow" installed horizontally, complete of galvanized substructure suitable for the slats support.

Cor-ten cladding for canopies

Cladding for photovoltaic canopies (side, front and curved back) realized with press-formed Cor-Ten sheet metal with hidden fixings. Cor-Ten cladding supplied rough, oxidation process was occurred naturally.

Factory extension and claddings realization

Factory extension in Arzignano (VI) complete of claddings both for the new and for the existing building. Claddings are realized in sandwich panels with an additional layer in Alucobond® and expanded metal mesh alternatively to the spaces of the underlying cladding. Architectural project by Arch. Carlo Rigon of Brendola (VI).

Exhibition building with single layer coating

Realization of a 500-square-meter exhibition pavilion with one slope. The main structure of the building was realized with full metal profiles, cladding with sandwich panels, walls with notched panels. The claddings were completed with finishing flashing and doors and windows. The pavilion was supplied with counterceiling, division walls and interior cladding of the metal structures realized in palster and technical installations necessary for the use of the building.

Restructuring and coverage of sports building

Mahè (Syechelles) - restoration of a sports building. The final part of the roofing beams in wood were substituted. Total restoration of the roof with compact polycarbonate panels, treated with UV-protection. Supply of new wall painted aluminium brise soleil. Substitution of all the present doors and windows. Doors and windows to enter the office realized in aluminium and glass. Fireproof walls and, where necessary, supply of fire break doors with certificate. Painting of the whole structure.

Installing coating for industrial buildings

Cladding of a 670-meter surface with Cor-ten steel panels. The intervention consisted of the subtitution of the existing sandwich panels with frames with Cor-ten steel staves, suitable to let the air and light but not the water enter the building; the same type of cladding was used also on the entry gates, The frames were installed natural and the oxidation started once installed.

Seychelles shopping center

Renovation of an old agricultural warehouse in the island of Mahà© (Seychelles) to build a shopping center. The existing structural elements have been kept, while the covering and the perimeter covering have been completely substituted. Moreover, interior and exterior doors and windows, entrance canopies and canopies for technical installations have been supplied. Deltabi developed the design, the production, the purchase and the shipment by sea of all the necessary materials and also designed all the set up drawings

Covering in sheet metal for shed

Covering in sheet metal for existing commercial shed with finishing in galvanized ironed and painted of about 800 sq.m. The substructures have been realized in bended and assembled profiles in order to form rigid framed anchored to the existing structures with suitable brackets. doors and windows composed of sliding motorized frames on rails in steel wire. Finishings and joints in shaped prepainted and galvanized sheet metal. Project of the architecture study Dario & Mion in Padua.

Coverings in cor-ten sheet metals

Coverings in sheet metal for external use with cor-ten steel sheet metal panels 34,00 lm in height for a total surface of 1.000 sq.m. The intervention has been performed in a hotel in Mestre (Venice). In the side parts the panels are blind, in the central part they have been pintched in order to permit the light to enter in the interested sites. The sheet metals for the faà§ade coverings have been set up natural after the sandblasting and the oxidation has been naturally reached.

Perimeter spandler covering

Perimeter spandler covering of a sports structure, already existing against the rain and the sun. The covering has been realized with staves in galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal, fixed by suitable substructures to the existing construction. The staves, opportunely shaped in order to avoid the entrance of rain and direct sunbeams, permit the passage of the light. On the northern side, which is mainly exposed to the bad weather, there have been realized a cantilever roof for entrances, on the whole length, with finishings similar to the exterior covering.

Roofing of pavilion 6 at Padova Fiere

Roofing of about 1,100 square meters of 'Pavilion 6' at Padova Fiere with corrugated aluminium sheet painted in 'silver', inclusive of bearing substructures in zinc-plated iron. For the ribbon windows in the back, sunshades made with aluminium flaps were supplied. Finishing with aluminium staff beads and intrados.

Realization of canopy with covering sandwich panels

Realization of canopy with columns in H profiles set on concrete walls, reticular trusses, C laminated wall and roof purlins. The structure was cladded on the roof and on the walls with sandwich panels RAL 9006.

Roof coating of a shed with sandwich panels

Plug intervention in sanwich panels on open canopy (about 1,000 square meters), with adjustment of the existing structures and preparation for the new structure positioning. Supply of doors, windows and gates.

Design and installation of exterior architectural walls

Design and installationl of architecture walls for aestethical use realized with substructure in columns and wall purlins.

Realization of aluminium cladding for commercial building

Perimeter cladding of commercial building in aluminium panels, painted in oven with two colours. The panels were installed with the use of galvanized substructures, typical of the Alucobond claddings, in order to permit the thermal dilation and maintain the planarity of the panels under different situations.

Covering of Scafoclub shed faà§ade

Covering of existing shed faà§ade for nautical warehouse use. Anchoring structures to the existing one in galvanized bended sheet metal, main area in shaped prepainted galvanized sheet metal and curtain walls of the frames in notched sheet metals. A perimeter spandrel has been realized for crowining, with structures in tubular profiles and covering in notched sheet metal. Logos in micro-pierced cantilevered sheet metal fixed in order to permit the backlighting.

Publicitary covering for exhibition halls

Esthetic/publicitary covering of two faà§ades of exhibition halls, for a total of about 700 sq.m. The substructure is composed of bended profiles assembled in order to form monolithic panels suitable for the set to the ground of the pubblicitary cloth. The panels have been later lifted and fixed to the existing facades with suitable anchorage brackets.

Structures for multistorey car park

Realization of structures for a multistorey car park in the area North of Padua. The intervention consisted in the supply of parapets with guard-rail compliant with the law, of coatings in finned zinc-plated and stove painted grating and of safety stairs in zinc-plated iron which were 23 meters high with steps in grating and coating in flattened finned grating.

Renovation of buildings for commercial use

Realization of structures for building for commercial use in Marghera (Venice). The intervention consists in the realization of attics, stairs, parapets and connection walkways. The connection walkway between the two office sides has an iron structure and the attic is in notched sheet metal, the parapets have glass mirrors, the access stair has a steel structure, glass parapets and steps. A wall in pierced, painted sheet metal has been realized, complete of windows.

Entrance Canopy

Entrance canopy realized for an office at Brugherio (Milano-Brianza area) with roof and back wall in hot-dip galvanized and painted brise soleil, complete with load-bearing structures for an elevator shaft closed with laminated glass on roof and walls.