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External connection roofing between warehouses

Construction of outdoor iron stairs for digesters

Cantilevered canopy for office entrances

Architectural exterior walls cladding design

Helicoidal interior stair

Corten panels cladding for a productive building

Iron street furniture for an art installation

Cantilever canopy for house entrance

Emergency exposed stair for the Canossian Instutute of Padua

Iron shelter with sandwich panels roofing

Interior design stair

Warehouse of 10.500mq

Cor-Ten outdoor cladding panels

Industrial stairs for a building

Expansion of a production building and cladding panels

Exterior corten sheet metal claddings

Tensile structure for a playground children area

Digesters assemby, steel structures

Glass stair and design parapet

Shopping Center Mahé

Full core warehouse

Modern stair for a shop

Iron structures for covering a conveyor belt

Connecting steel structure for a belt holder facility

Facade cladding with aluminium panelling

Expansion of a production area with prefabricated warehouses

Scafoclub warehouse facade cladding

Modern internal glass stair

Facade corten covering

Windbreak panels cladding for a sports center

Realization of steel covering for warehouse

Metal structures for mezzanine floors

Temporary fair pavillon with two levels

Single-pitched structure for shielding box for medical use

Emergency exposed stair in iron for the University of Padua

Shelters with tensile structure for a shop in Mahè

Safety steel stair

Realization of tailor-made safety stairs for a purifier

Tensile structure for a residential terrace

Cladding with covering panels

Supply of a installation for a showroom

Aluminium cladding panels for a warehouse

Industrial lofts and main structures

Iron structure for enlargement canopy

Steel canopy for entrances to the Padua Fair

Facade metal cladding for a commercial building

Outdoor aluminium cladding of a commercial building

Substructure of a glass and metal basin

Metal sheet roofing for a washing plant

Internal stairs and parapets for a purifier

Design and realization of warehouses structures

Iron parapets for internal stairs

Iron structures for connecting shelters between warehouses

Metal structures: access ramp to a shopping center

Structure for gym, sport center

Cladding made of corrugated outdoor panels

Stainless steel parapets for a residential building

capannone industriale

Industrial warehouse for waste treatment

External panels for single-pitch exhibition pavillon

Rebuilding of a prefabricated warehouse for equipment storage

Pipe Rack metal structure

External advertising cladding panels

Metal structure warehouse for purification

Prefabricated steel structures for warehousing and mixing of raw materials

Realization of a warehouse for water treatment

Agricultural shed in metal carpentry

Mezzanine structures for machinery

Industrial prefabricated for the production of biomethane

Realization of prefabricated garage for a repair shop

Expansion of a prefabricated warehouse

Industrial metalwork warehouses in Borgaro Torinese

Vertical staircase and industrial parapets

External roofings with canopies for biomethane production plant

Industrial warehouses for for waste plant

External iron staircases for access to machinery room

Stainless steel sheet gutters for industrial warehouse

Steel structures with metalwork for warehouse

External cantilever roofs

Prefab industrial warehouses for technical room

Aluminum parapets for historic villas maintenance

prefab iron warehouses

Prefab iron warehouses for technical boiler room

Painted tailor-made spiral staircase

Painted tailor-made spiral staircase

Wall facade cor-ten cladding

Wall façade cor-ten cladding for private warehouse

Prefab steel structures

Prefab steel structures

Steel staircase

Industrial steel spiral staircase

Cantilever roof

Reticular cantilever roof

Metal carpentry for industrial and commercial structures

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is a company specializing in the design, construction and assembly of heavy and light metal carpentry structures. It develops tailor-made projects to meet all the demands and needs of the market. The creations differ in size and scope of application, ranging from shapes and materials while maintaining a high quality standard.

Each project is guaranteed professionalism, experience and competence: the team of experts in the sector will help you in the different choices between innovative materials and finishes.

The areas of intervention range from metal carpentry, to prefabricated buildings, to industrial warehouses. We deal with prefabricated sheds, roofs, canopies, interior design stairs, emergency or emergency stairs, metal cladding and facade structures.

To mention some types treated:

Prefabricated steel sheds: light and versatile structures, anti-seismic, resistant to corrosion protected with hot dip galvanizing, adaptable and expandable over time, removable and reusable. Possibility of creating spans on large spans, provision for overhead cranes and supply of runways, internal mezzanines and external canopies. Infills in sandwich metal panels, complete with windows and all accessories. Prefabricated buildings for commercial, industrial or agricultural use. Suitable for the construction of warehouses, sheds, production sites, shopping centers, supermarkets, exhibition halls.

Metal external coatings for canopies, roofs or facades. Different materials are used according to needs and requirements. We examine and develop any project also considering the climatic conditions that could speed up the corrosion processes over time, carrying out protective galvanizing treatments or special painting as prevention. Some of the most used materials: Alucobond, Cor-Ten steel and aluminum.

Outdoor canopies, ideal structures for those who need to make covers for warehouses or entrances, thus protecting from rain or other atmospheric agents. Modern lines to satisfy the aesthetic side as well as the functional side.

Industrial stairs or modern stairs to be used, the former, as an essential structure for the safety of various buildings, the latter to renovate domestic or commercial environments such as offices.

Not only iron carpentry but also special tailor-made projects, such as tensile structures for play areas in public spaces or structures for setting up car dealerships.

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