Our Projects

Our Projects


Deltabi sustainable

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl has always been involved in the realization of eco-friendly buildings and it is among the most advanced companies in the use of innovative technologies in Italy and abroad.

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl develops all the steps of the service, starting from the design to the set up and turnkey completion of the whole project. All this grants high quality standards and the respect of the laws in force, both in Italy and abroad.

All the projects are customized and designed to adapt to the needs of the customers.



The last, brand-new project of Deltabi Costruzioni.

KIT.SOLUTIONS offers standard products in KIT, an easy-to-use, fast concept where KITs are delivered to the customer fast, with all necessary documents, saving on design costs and time.

KIT.SOLUTIONS products have been designed to meet the most common needs, from covering a large area for operational purposes and storage, to small detached structures.

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One of the most important projects in the field of the sustainable building development is the design of public housing in developing countries.
The challenge of the project consists of proposing economic and sustainable solutions, also thanks to the use of renewable energy resources.

The projects of the public houses present a product complete of all that makes the house perfect: from the installations to the furnishing.

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deltabi hotel

Inside the project portfolio of Deltabi Costruzioni Srl there are also hotels at the international level. The projects are turnkey and develop all the steps, from the building aspects to the interior design and green areas/recreational areas.


Deltabi sport building

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is also active in the sports and recreational fields

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is also active in the sports and recreational fields. Also in this case, Deltabi Costruzioni Srl follows all the steps of the project: from the design to the realization and the equipment of the installation. The toilets, the heating and cooling systems meet the laws in force both as far as the safety and the set-up of the installations are concerned.

Deltabi sport building 2