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Rosà (VI)


Private client

Windbreak panels cladding for a sports center

Design and installation of a veiled perimeter cladding with windbreak panels for existing sports structure. Cladding of the walls with rain panels and brise soleil. Use of galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal slats, fixed with metal substructures. Subsequently, on the north side, a canopy was inserted to cover the entrances with finishes similar to the exterior cladding.


Realization of an entire perimeter cladding for an existing sports structure in Rosà in the province of Vicenza. One of the client’s needs is to have a wall cladding that also protects from rain and direct sunlight, in order to protect the structure from corrosion and rust. Precisely for this reason, after an analysis and a study of possible materials, for the external cladding were chosen veil panels with galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal slats fixed through appropriate metal substructures to the existing construction. The slats, although properly shaped to prevent the passage of rain and sunlight, also allow the passage of light, but in a more filtered way allowing the full performance of activities without disturbance. To complete the structure, on the north side, more exposed to the weather, a canopy has been built to cover the entrances, which extends along the entire length of the entrance with finishes similar to the metal cladding of the facade.