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Tensile structure for a playground children area

Playground tensile structure designed to cover a children’s play area in Aviano. The area occupied about 190 square meters. First of all, the metal structure was designed and installed with technical specifications and covered with PVC fabric. Finally, the play area was made safe from rain that could cause damage.


Not only carpentry, but also special projects such as this tensile structure setup. This is the realization of a tensile structure in Aviano for the roofing of a children’s play area. The area concerned was about 190 square meters and was entirely occupied by children’s playground. Deltabi, after a study of the spaces, has developed, realized and installed a metal structure composed of roof beams in tubular profile, converging in a single structural node. The beams used are stuck to the attack of the columns by steel rafters in order to obtain a greater stability and staticity. The covering of the tensile structure has been realized with blue PVC fabric, stretched by tie-rods placed between each frame, thus obtaining an excellent covering work.