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Noventa Vicentina (VI)


Private client

Steel structures with metalwork for warehouse

Steel structures for warehouse realized in hot-dip galvanized metalwork, with roof and walls in trapezoidal, prepainted external side sandwich panels, with stainless steel flashings. Gutters, ridges and drain pipes in stainless steel. Complete with fixed windows and perimeter frame in prepainted aluminum, and solid webbed gantry girders for overhead crane.


Deltabi Costruzioni, a world leader company in the metal carpentry sector, has taken as assignment the realization of an industrial shed, with steel structures, with a surface of 6.500 m² for the production of biomethane in the area of Noventa Vicentina. The supporting structures are in hot-dip galvanized metalwork. The hot-dip galvanizing system represents a working and finishing process that makes the steel structures durable over time, avoiding galvanic corrosion, thanks to the zinc coating directly on the metal structure (usually steel). The roofing and the perimeter plugging are made with sandwich panels with RAL 6003 pre-painted corrugated finish on the external side with natural AISI 304 stainless steel sheet metal. The design of the steel structures for this industrial shed also includes a system of fixed windows with perimeter frame in RAL 6003 pre-painted aluminium and solid webbed gantry girders for the overhead crane.