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Private client

Steel canopy for entrances to the Padua Fair

In the area of Padua exhibition, Deltabi was responsible, first of all, of the construction of a steel canopy for the entrances with a solid steel structure with recessed lights. Roofing made of micro-perforated metal sheets and panels in alveolar polycarbonate. Functionality and aesthetics for a complete project which is managed in all its phases.


Project realized for the exhibition area of Padua. Functionality and aesthetics for a complete realization, for this purpose Deltabi wanted to follow all the phases, from the design to the installation, for a control on all the different activities and an optimal coordination, avoiding operational slowdowns. The project included the realization of cantilevered iron canopies for all the entrances of the pavilion, at the exhibition area of Padova Fiere. As far as the structure was concerned, a micro-perforated sheet metal was used in front of opal honeycomb polycarbonate sheets. The sheet, characterized by micro holes, allows a different optical effect compared to the use of the same sheet without any decoration, while the polycarbonate is more resistant and long-lasting, therefore ideal for canopy roofs.