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Este (PD)


Private client

Stainless steel sheet gutters for industrial warehouse

Metal sheet gutters designed, realized and shaped in stainless steel. In the project are included support brackets covered in hot-dip galvanizing and drain pipes in PVC which limit the perimeter of the industrial plant.



Deltabi Costruzioni dealt with the realization of sheet metal gutters for an industrial plant in the area of Este (Padua). Thanks to the ten-year experience in metal carpentry of the company, the sheet metal gutters have been properly designed and shaped through the use of stainless steel. Included in this special project are support brackets protected by hot-dip galvanizing and PVC downpipes. The galvanizing system of the support brackets represents a working and finishing process that makes the iron stairs for outdoor use durable over time, avoiding galvanic corrosion, thanks to the zinc coating directly on the metal structure (usually steel). Deltabi Costruzioni’s project, specifically thought for this industrial plant, foresees a system of sheet metal gutters that extend along the whole perimeter of the structure, able to drain rainwater in a functional way.