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Single-pitched structure for shielding box for medical use

Realization of a single-pitched structure for lead shielding of a box for CT examinations. The single-pitched structure of 8.5 meters by 7 meters acts as a shield to avoid the propagation of radiation during the use of the CT machinery. The external building is covered with white and grey sandwich panels. A door is then inserted to complete the construction.


Deltabi, thanks to its experience and professionalism, is able to carry out even the most particular and apparently insidious projects. Often customers have very precise construction requirements and to realize them our team of technicians must follow step by step all the phases of the realization.
In this particular situation, the client requests to Deltabi a shielding for a hospital machinery for CT examinations.
It is essential that this structure acts as protection to prevent X-rays from propagating, therefore the choice of material is of primary importance. The Deltabi team, after a careful analysis, has chosen to use lead as shielding material.
Creation of a single-pitched CT box, hidden by the veil. The shielding is made of lead to avoid radiation propagation and has dimensions of 8.5 meters by 7 meters. Covering composed of white and gray sandwich panels that can be accessed through a sliding door on the opposite side.