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Mahé (Saychelles)


Private client

Shopping Center Mahé

Renovation of an old warehouse on the island of Mahé, for the construction of a new shopping center.
Keeping the existing structural elements, we proceeded to the complete replacement of the external cladding using special panels for facades, and providing interior and exterior doors and canopies for the entrance.


According to the instructions given by the client we took care of different aspects of the order. From the planning to the drafting of the assembly drawings, the production, the purchase and the shipment by sea of all the materials necessary for the renovation.
The preventive study of the place, the spaces and the materials are fundamental, especially for commercial spaces where technical aspects, such as insulation materials, and more aesthetic aspects, must coexist to achieve the desired results.
The maintenance of the existing structural elements allowed Deltabi to concentrate on the supply of external cladding panels for the entire perimeter of the building and the supply of all the internal and external doors and windows of the shopping center. To complete the realization, new canopies have been designed and supplied to cover the functional entrances, bringing a new and modern touch to the entire structure.