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Marghera (VE)



Scafoclub warehouse facade cladding

Facade cladding for an existing nautical warehouse. Firstly, we have dealt with the construction of the substructures, which were supplied with galvanized sheet metal with a perimeter cover and tubular profile structures. Covered with trapezoidal galvanized sheet metal. At the end, to complete the order, Deltabi has provided the realization of embossed metal logos to allow the backlighting.


Design and construction of panels for external facade cladding for a warehouse shed in Mestre in the province of Venice. Load-bearing structure for the anchorage to the existing cladding were realized in press-folded galvanized sheet metal. The main bands instead are made of shaped galvanized sheet metal and pre-painted, while the cladding of the squares in trapezoidal sheet metal, necessary to increase resistance to bending stresses. Three different types of claddings were chosen according to the position that covers the component to be made. A maximum customization of the materials that only after an analysis and an in-depth study of the project is possible. Subsequently we took care of the realization of a perimeter crowning veil with structures in tubular profiles and cladding in corrugated galvanized sheet metal. To complete it all, we have realized the signs in cantilevered micro-perforated sheet metal to allow backlighting, thus obtaining a greater visual effect.