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Maniago (PN)


Private client

Realization of steel covering for warehouse

Construction of a steel covering of about 4,500 square meters for a workshop in Maniago (Pordenone). Half used as an industrial shed, while the other half as a canopy. The structure consists of columns in solid core profiles, reticular trusses, and cold-rolled wall and roof purlines. The sandwich panel roofing is also equipped with polycarbonate honeycomb skylights and smoke and heat evacuators. Deltabi has followed all phases of the project for optimal results.


The realization of this roof cover for a client in Maniago (Pordenone) gave Deltabi the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to listen and then to satisfy every request of the client. Deltabi’s technicians followed every phase of the building’s construction, starting from the project to the installation on site and the final testing. The project included a total roof of about 4,500 square meters to be divided into two halves. The first, used as a shed, the second as a canopy. The load-bearing structure, realized through the assembly of columns in solid core profiles and reticular trusses, involves a greater structural rigidity. Among the steel beams, they are the most common because of the advantageous ratio between covered span and quantity of material used. In addition, cold-rolled roof and wall purlins have also been applied. Finally, the external wall cladding is made of sandwich panels, which gives rigidity to the building. Elements such as honeycomb polycarbonate skylights and smoke and heat evacuators complete the project.