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Realization of a warehouse for water treatment

Construction of a large industrial shed in Kiev, Ukraine. Prefabricated commercial warehouse used for the treatment of mineral water. The project included the construction and supply of the load-bearing structure and the panels indicated for the roofing and wall cladding.


Not only national but also international projects, such as this one realized for a mineral water treatment plant in Kiev, Ukraine. The project was followed in all its phases by Deltabi who provided the conception, design, construction and installation of the supporting structure. Modern industrial shed realized in hot galvanized metal carpentry. This treatment of iron creates a protective layer which allows to preserve the ferrous material in the long term, protecting it from corrosion and rust that could be created by contact with water. Roofing panels and wall infill panels are instead made with sandwich panels. These are specific claddings consisting in two resistant layers, called skins or faces, connected together by a lighter connection element. These provide greater stability with reduced weight. The green color gives to the entire structure a modern touch.