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Prefabricated steel structures for warehousing and mixing of raw materials

Prefabricated steel structures for storage and mixing of raw materials. The structure, made up of solid core beams, with attics in trapezoidal metal sheet and concrete grid slab. While, the roof cover and the wall cladding are made of trapezoidal and waterproof sandwich panels. Windows, shutters, staircases and parapets have completed the realization. Deltabi, following the entire process, has thus obtained excellent results.


Deltabi is specialized in the design, construction and installation of structures for industrial plants, factories and warehouses. In this case the project required the construction of a structure for a multi-storey industrial building for the storage and mixing of raw materials.
Our technicians used full core beams for the load-bearing structure, instead the floors are made of trapezoidal sheet metal on which a concrete slab is cast. In this way the slab has a mixed nature, i.e. it is made of cement material and metal, so besides lightening the structure, this particular type of slab increases the rigidity and staticity of the whole construction.
As far as the roofing is concerned, we installed insulating and waterproofed trapezoidal sandwich panels with bituminous sheathing, i.e. two metal sheet claddings connected to each other by a layer of insulation. Deltabi also decided to use insulated sandwich panels for the external cladding. Finally, the commission also provided for the installation of doors and windows, evacuation domes, stairs and parapets on the floors.