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Mahè - Saychelles


Private client

Prefab steel structures

Prefab steel structures for industrial warehouse. Structure of dimensions 14×35 metres. Placed on two levels, it presents one floor slab and access staircase, frame in galvanized metalwork, perimeter panels in ondulated sandwich panels, internal partition walls and glass windows and access doors.


Design and construction work of prefabricated steel structures. This work was commissioned by a client in the islands of Mahè, in the Seychelles archipelago. It is a warehouse for industrial use for a beverage company. The structure has the dimensions of 14×35 meters, arranged on two levels. The prefabricated steel structures are composed of attic and access stairs and galvanized metal carpentry frame: this allows the structure to resist much longer to corrosion by atmospheric agents. The perimeter panels are made of sandwich panels with external corrugated support, internal partitions, glass frames, doors and access doors. The materials and the prefabricated structures were transported and assembled directly in the company’s headquarters in Seychelles. Deltabi Costruzioni, took care not only of the realization, but also of the design and transport, up to the installation.