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Piombino Dese (PD)


Private client

Prefab iron warehouses for technical boiler room

Prefab iron warehouses as roofing for boiler room, realized in hot-dip galvanized metalwork. Cladding are realized in prepainted white/grey sandwich panels. The structure presents three doors in pressed-form metal sheet and flashings in galvanized metal sheet.

realizzazione di capannoni prefabbricati in ferro

Prefabricated steel warehouses for a technical room. The structure serves as a cover for boilers in the area of Piombino Dese (Padua), for this deltabi has opted for the installation of a hot-dip galvanized metalwork structure. The process of hot-dip galvanizing involves the processing of metals, mainly used is the steel, where you implement the casting of zinc over the metal structure. This type of processing has the ability to increase the strength of the material, preventing galvanic corrosion over time. The coverings, on the other hand, are made with sandwich panels in white and gray finishes. The functionality of sandwich panels is found in the lightness of the materials and in the greater resistance to any type of force, whether it be bending or a general impact. The structure provides three simple doors in pressed sheet metal with finishing galvanized sheet metal gutters.