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Este (PD)


Private client

Pipe Rack metal structure

Realization of a metal structure supporting the pipes for a client in Este. This particular structure, called Pipe Rack, consists of reticular beams and crossbars for pipes support. The entire construction, in hot-dip galvanized metal carpentry, is based on vertical support towers and trestles to give stability and staticity.


Deltabi, in order to promptly respond to the client’s requests, has made special techniques and advanced technologies its own. These, combined with the use of quality raw materials, allow to satisfy every need, even the most particular and apparently difficult to realize.
In the case of this project, our team has realized a pipe support structure called Pipe Rack, formed by reticular beams and pipe holders. The Pipe Racks are suspended for the passage of liquid or gaseous substances or other material. The plant is in hot-dip galvanized metal carpentry.
The Pipe Rack structure has the double purpose of protecting the plant and optimizing the space and can be located both inside and outside the building. In this case, the entire complex rests on towers and vertical support structures, positioned outside the shed for safety reasons.