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Marghera (VE)


Private client

Modern internal glass stair

Realization of an internal design staicase with two flights. Painted load-bearing structure and multilayered glass steps, supported by transversal profiles and turned stainless steel supports. Parapet cladding in flat profiles structure and transparent glass panels. Deltabi is responsible for the construction of stairs in accordance with all current regulations.


Interior design staircase in Marghera, in the province of Venice. Structure with two flights in painted iron with steps in multilayer glass supported by square transversal profiles and turned stainless steel supports, thus ensuring greater resistance to corrosion. For the realization of glass parapets for interiors the choice has led to extra clear transparent glass mirrors and flat profile structures. The masking of the lower structural elements is instead made with perforated sheet metal panels. The result is an interior staircase with a recognizable, personalized and modern design.
Deltabi, thanks to its professionalism and experience in the field, meets the creative, functional and aesthetic needs. It is considered every need from the client, to obtain particular architectural contexts. All projects are custom designed taking into account the respect of external constraints and special rules not only in terms of safety but also in terms of protection of historic buildings.