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Metal structures: access ramp to a shopping center

Design of metal structures for an access ramp to the two basement floors of a shopping center in Monza. Realization of a structure consisting of full core beams and a surface finishing in electro-welded grating. On the other hand, the side protections are galvanized and act as guard-rail in grilled metal sheet. Deltabi followed the entire project, thus saving time and resources.


For the realization of this project, Deltabi has been able to satisfy in the best way the customer’s requests. First of all, Deltabi was responsible for the design and construction of the access ramp to the basement floors for a shopping center in Monza. The technical team chose to use, for the construction of the ramp, full core beams and a surface finish in electrowelded grating.
This type of practicable surface is obtained through a process of electrowelding of vertical and parallel bearing plates, intersected by cross bars. The characteristics of the gratings, fundamental for this project, are the ability to diffuse light and air, their high flow rate, easy installation, non-slip surface and the fact that they are fireproof and explosion-proof. These qualifications make them usable in many fields of civil construction and industrial environments. Finally, the installation of lateral protective metal structures in grating, with guard-rail function, complete the project.