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Este (PD)


Private client

Metal structure warehouse for purification

Construction of a single-pitched warehouse with metal structure of 800 square meters. Solid core columns, reticular trusses, cold rolled profiles were built. Green sandwich panels have been chosen for the exterior coverings. In addition, skylights, windows and smoke evacuators were placed on the covering.


Deltabi has been involved for more than twenty years in the study, design and installation of industrial sheds in all its parts, which include the production of skylights, trapezoidal sheet metal floor and windows of various types. Each project is analyzed according to the characteristics of the site, in this case a purification plant, and according to the client’s requests.
For this purification building in Este, a single-pitched industrial shed of about 800 square meters was built. Our technicians have followed step by step all the phases of the project, in particular the moment of the creation of the load-bearing structure, consisting of columns with solid core and the roof with reticular trusses in col-rolled profiles. Another very important phase was the choice of the material for the external roofcovering: in this case green sandwich panels were applied to give maximum rigidity to the whole structure.