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Este (PD)


Private client

Metal sheet roofing for a washing plant

Realization of a sheet metal roof for a washing plant for waste transport vehicles in Este in the province of Padua. In this project we have load-bearing metal structure and metal supporting columns embedded in the perimeter structure. Subsequently, roofing with panels for canopies. Finally, trapezoidal sheet metal and finishings have allowed the protection of all internal metal parts. Subsequently, the installation of 50 square meters of photovoltaic panels completed the project.


The project consisted in the design, construction and installation of a sheet metal roof for a washing plant for vehicles dedicated to the transport of waste. Deltabi therefore, after collecting the necessary information and carrying out the surveys on site, thought about the development of a self-supporting roof. A canopy closed towards the outside and protected towards the inside for a preventive action against the corrosion of the washing. The structure of the canopy, made up of triangular section reticular beams in tubular profiles, was placed over metal columns embedded in the perimeter masonry to give greater stability and solidity to the roof. All internal metal parts have been protected with trapezoidal metal sheets and stainless steel finishings. The roofing material for the canopies was also chosen carefully. Trapezoidal and insulated sandwich panels, characterized by bituminous waterproofing sheath, were used instead to cover the roof surface. To complete this canopy with sandwich panels, Deltabi has decided to insert perimetral wall purlins made in transparent honeycomb polycarbonate, for a better support of the perimeter strip. The structure has allowed the subsequent application of photovoltaic panels with an inclination of 60 degrees.