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Maniago (PN)


Private client

Iron structures for connecting shelters between warehouses

Design and realization of iron structures for connecting shelters between two industrial warehouses. The shelter commisioned by a customer in Maniago, was based on three internal columns joined by a reticular beam. The roof consists of full core trusses and sandwich panels.


Deltabi not only makes industrial sheds, but also everything that is part of them or completes them, such as metal roofing, iron structures for connection canopies, polycarbonate skylights and much more, obviously following the customer’s directives and his constructive requirements.
In this realization, the client in Maniago needed a connection between two sheds. Our technicians therefore designed iron structures for canopies that could easily join the two industrial halls. In particular, the canopy rests on three internal columns connected by a reticular beam. The external cladding is composed of solid core trusses, while sandwich panels were chosen for the roof. The choice of this particular type of panels is twofold: in fact, thanks to the internal insulation, each panel can make the difference in terms of protection, resistance and energy saving. Secondly, the sandwich panels are excellent thermal insulators, they are waterproof and have an impact and pleasant aesthetics.