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Maniago (PN)


Private client

Iron structure for enlargement canopy

Iron structure for enlargement canopy of an industrial warehouse of about 8.500 square meters. Have been realized central and lateral beams. The covering is made of reticular trusses, wall and roof purlins in cold laminated profiles. Completed with green sanwich panels cladding, polycarbonate skylights and smoke and heat evacuators.


For the realization of the enlargement of this warehouse of 8,500 square meters in Maniago, Deltabi has put in place its many years of experience in the field of prefabricated. The client’s requests in this case are really specific: large interior spaces and the possibility to expand the structure further. For this reason, the Deltabi team has created and installed central and lateral beams, that is, connecting beams of the slab thickness placed on the top of the perimeter walls of the warehouse. In addition, following the requests of the customer, were added all the predispositions for a possible enlargement of the building both laterally and longitudinally. For the roof instead have been placed trusses, purlins in cold rolled profiles. Finally, with regard to the external cladding, green sandwich panels were applied, alveolar polycarbonate skylights and smoke or heat evacuators.