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Bosco Marengo (AL)


Private client

Interior design stair

Modern interior staircase built in an office located in Bosco Marengo in the province of Alessandria. Realization of the supporting structure with stair stringers in satin stainless steel. Then we moved to the installation of supports for the steps made with studs and profiles in satin stainless steel. Then Deltabi took care of the landing floors and parapets, made of extra-clear tempered laminated glass for interiors.


Creation of a design staircase for an office in Bosco Marengo in the province of Alessandria. The staircase has been realized with a load-bearing structure and satin stainless steel stair stringers, to give more character to the realization. The supports and profiles for the steps have also been realized with the same material. Landings and parapets have been realized in extra clear laminated tempered glass. Laminated glass, also called safety glass, provides greater protection against possible shattering of the glass. The combination of different materials allows a greater customization of the structure resulting more aesthetically pleasing. In a project such as that of a staircase for interiors, there are several aspects to be taken into account, with functional characteristics and aesthetic factors that must coexist to obtain an effective and consistent result. Deltabi has taken care of all the phases of the project from the surveys on site to the installation of the realization, guaranteeing the final result.