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Maniago (PR)


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Industrial warehouses for for waste plant

Industrial warehouses with hot-dip galvanized metalwork structure with internal panels complete with internal supports in stainless steel, and painted external supports. The structure presents roof parapets and fixed wall ribbon windows. In the internal side of the warehouses there are five staircases, load-bearing structure, gantry girders and walkways for two overhead creanes, technical room, basin, lift shaft.

capannoni-prefabbricati-per stabilimento-rifiuti

Deltabi Costruzioni, a leading company in the metal carpentry sector, has dealt with the realization of prefabricated industrial sheds of 5000 square meters, for a company in the waste treatment sector located in Maniago. The project provided for the processing of the hot-dip galvanized metalwork structures, with a coating of sandwich panels provided for internal support in stainless steel and external painted RAL 6003 (with covering panels arranged for the creation of skylights). The roof is completed by stainless steel sheet metalwork, with the presence of parapets on the roof. Fixed wall fenestration. Inside the prefabricated sheds there are no. five staircases, one of which is covered on four sides by sandwich panels, a carpentry supporting structure specifically designed with support for the G-FORCE machinery, running ways and walkways for two bridge cranes, a technical room and finally a pool chute connected to one of the walls and beam portafestone. There is also an elevator shaft and an external canopy.