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Borgaro Torinese (TO)


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Industrial metalwork warehouses in Borgaro Torinese

Industrial covers for storage facility. It has a load-bearing structure in hot-dip galvanized metal carpentry with a covering layer in sandwich panels. It is part of the industrial roofing with mineral wool wall panels.


Deltabi, world leader company in the field of metal carpentry, has been assigned of the complete realization of the industrial coverings of a shed located in Bogaro Torinese. The plant is used for the storage of chopping. It has a supporting structure in hot-dip galvanized metalwork, in order to avoid the onset of rust on the structure. This type of workmanship is in fact ideal for industrial roofing given its strong resistance to weathering. The capacity of resistance is due to the presence of zinc that covers the steel. The realization has been then completed with a covering in sandwich panels mainly white/grey and with wall panels made of El120 certified mineral wool. Sandwich panels guarantee a greater yield on industrial roofing thanks to their double structure that duplicates their strength and resistance. The shed has a door certified El60, local ventilation grids, boiler and finally finished with sheet metal.