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Bisazza S.p.A.

Industrial lofts and main structures

Deltabi is specialized in the design and construction of industrial lofts, metal walkways, steel beams and floor metal slabs. In this case Deltabi created for its client, Bisazza S.p.a., a reinforced embossed metal deck. In addition, we provided parapets and a set of three hoppers. Deltabi followed all the phases of the project.


Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and a long and diversified experience in the field of heavy and light metal carpentry, Deltabi represents a reference point in the construction and assembly of load-bearing metal structures, industrial decks, metal walkways, steel beams and floors.
Our continuous development, both technological and professional, allows us to satisfy in the best way the customer’s requests. We offer complete services of analysis and design on site and we guarantee “turnkey” realizations to the client.
In the case of the client Bisazza, Deltabi has realized a walking floor. A flooring surface, in reinforced chequered sheet metal. The chequered sheet metal is made through the punching of a normal flat sheet metal, thus creating reliefs. This technique allows to obtain a greater rigidity and resistance to trampling, giving the structure as a whole the necessary stability. Subsequently Deltabi also took care of the realization of edge railings and a battery of three hoppers.