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Realization of an industrial shed with solid webbed profiles, in the province of Padua. Load-bearing hot-dip galvanized structure and roofing with waterproofed insulated panel. Deltabi took care of all the various phases of the project obtaining an optimal result in line with the customer’s expectations.


Deltabi was responsible for the construction of an industrial shed with solid webbed profiles in the province of Padua. The project included the design, supply and installation of a hot-dip galvanized load-bearing reticular structure. The use of this material allows to extend the average life of the prefabricated metal structure, protecting it from corrosion and rust. The flat roof covering has been realized with a waterproofed insulated cladding characterized by double sheathing. The waterproof effect of the cladding panels used allows maximum resistance to atmospheric agents avoiding infiltration and/or other damages. While the insulation allows to obtain an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of the entire industrial shed. Deltabi took care of the different phases of the project, following step by step all the activities related to the overall supply of the necessary components, thus obtaining an excellent result both at an aesthetic and structural level.