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External panels for single-pitch exhibition pavillon

External panels for single-pitched roof exhibition hall. Initial realization of the load-bearing structure in metal profiles complete with sandwich panel roof cover and walls in sinusoidal panels. The project is complete with sheet metal finishes and windows. Deltabi has followed the order in all its phases to guarantee an optimization of time and resources.


The realization involved the construction and installation of a single-pitched roof exhibition hall of about 500 square meters in the province of Vicenza. The load-bearing structure consisting of full core metal profiles, which guarantees solidity and stability over time. The pavilion is supplied in the inside complete with false ceilings, partition walls cladded with plasterboard coverings.
For the external metal cladding, on the other hand, there are two types chosen for the panels, depending on their installation and function. For the covering of the external canopies the claddings used are sandwich panels, which allow a greater flexural rigidity. Subsequently, for the finishes of external walls we used sinusoidal panel cladding, thus obtaining a greater resistance to flexural stress. The project is delivered complete with finishing metal plates and window frames. Some technological systems necessary for the use of the building were also supplied. Realization developed and followed in its entirety by Deltabi, guaranteeing the result and quality.