/    /  External iron staircases for access to machinery room



Maniago (PN)


Private client

External iron staircases for access to machinery room

External iron staircases designed in hot-dip metalwork as access for machinery room. Landings and treads in grid panels. Single leaf door complete with panel as access to technical room.


Design and construction of iron stairs for outdoor use, commissioned by an industrial plant in the area of Maniago (Pordenone). The staircase is made of hot-dip galvanized metalwork, to give resistance and durability over time. The galvanizing system in fact is a process of working and finishing that makes the iron stairs for outdoor use durable over time, avoiding galvanic corrosion, thanks to the coating of zinc directly on the metal structure (usually steel). The functional purpose of the staircase is to reach the entrance and access the machinery room of the industrial plant. The walking surface and the steps of the outdoor iron stairs are made of grating panels. The door has only one door with a mirror made of composite panel that leads to the access of the technical room. Deltabi Costruzioni, leader company of the sector, takes care entirely of your project from the planning to the installation.