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Vigonza (PD)


Private client

External cantilever roofs

Realization of two external cantilever roofs with hot-dip galvanized metalwork (designed and realized in Vigonza zone). The roof is in white/grey sandwich panels and gutters realized in metal sheet opportunely shaped.

tettoie-esterne-a- sbalzo-padova

Deltabi Costruzioni, in this project has dealt with the planning and the realization of two external cantilever roofs realized with structure in hot-dip galvanized metalwork. The design and the realization of the commissioned work took place in the area of Vigonza (Padova). Hot dip galvanizing is a metal working process, mainly steel, where zinc is poured over the metal structure. This type of processing provides the ability to increase the strength of the material, avoiding galvanic corrosion over time. The external cantilever roofs have a covering made of sandwich panels mainly in white and gray colors. The sandwich panels give the possibility to give greater resistance to the structure over time. The sheet metal gutters for the external cantilever roofs have been appropriately shaped according to the customer’s needs.