/    /  Expansion of a production area with prefabricated warehouses



Maniago (PN)


Private client

Expansion of a production area with prefabricated warehouses

Project that included the expansion of a production unit in Maniago in the province of Pordenone through the construction of prefabricated warehouses. Reticular trusses, columns, wall and roof purlins were built for the structure of the shed. Sandwich panels were then supplied for the covering of the entire prefabricated warehouse. To complete the structure Deltabi also thought about the supply of skylights, windows and evacuators.


Deltabi was responsible for the design, construction and installation of an extension of about 12,000 square meters for a production unit. The industrial structure provided for the realization of metal structures such as reticular trusses divided into three parts, so as to constitute a resistant and a non-deformable element. The columns were made with H-shaped profiles while roof and wall purlins in C-shaped laminated profiles. After a study of the materials it was decided, for the external cladding of the entire shed, the use of sandwich panels to obtain maximum strength and less weight. The chosen color, green, gives more personality and modernity to the entire structure. Skylights and polycarbonate honeycomb windows have been inserted in order to ensure efficient and effective lighting for the different activities. The order is completed by smoke and heat evacuators on the roof for the safety of the entire production building and personnel.