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Emergency exposed stair in iron for the University of Padua

Safety exposed staircase in iron designed and installed for the University of Padua, complete of load-bearing structure in hot-zinc plated and painted metal carpentry, landings and steps in grating and aesthetic finishes realized with wood. From design to installation, all phases are followed scrupulously by Deltabi.


Realization of an external emergency staircase for the University of Padua. Deltabi was responsible for the design, construction and installation of the entire structure. The use of hot-dip galvanized and painted metal carpentry for the supporting structure allows to obtain a greater protection from corrosion and atmospheric agents. Steps and landings in grating panels allow an important resistance from the point of view of the load to bear. The finishes, instead, have been realized in wood to give the installation a modern touch and personality. During the design we take into consideration the relevant national and international regulations. Thanks to the experience in the field Deltabi provides the development of stairs with technical-constructive solutions adapted to different needs and different contexts. All the realizations can be customized through the use of different materials, then completed by the small complements you need.