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Lendinara (PD)


Private client

Digesters assemby, steel structures

Design and installation of digesters, steel constructions, of 16 m of diameter for a customer in Lendinara (Padua). It was chosen mineral wool for the roofing and trapezoidal metal sheet of cladding for the walls with an isnulated external funcion. In addition, stairs and parapets were added to the structure as requested by the client.

realizzazione-costruzioni-in acciaio

Deltabi has always been involved in the realization of industrial structures of various types. From the load-bearing structures in steel and glass, to those of roofing and covering of buildings, called substructures. Or, as in this case, follows the realization of more specific projects based on particular production needs. For one of his customers in Padua, Deltabi has realized the assembly of a series of purification digesters with a diameter of 16 m each. To each structure we have applied an insulating cover, some sheet metal walls as cladding and a series of stairs and connecting parapets.
The choice of material also in this case proved to be of fundamental importance. In fact, for the external covering we applied the so-called rock wool, a material that has the ability to be simultaneously thermal, acoustic and fireproof. These characteristics are due to its internal structure that attenuates noise, insulates heat and resists to very high temperatures. In addition to stone wool, corrugated sheets have also been applied to increase the effect of external insulation.