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Corten panels cladding for a productive building

Cladding with corten panels for an area of 670 square meters. Deltabi has also realized the cladding of the access doors to the building using the same type of corten sheet metal. Installation of the “natural” frames with completion of the work on-site. The final risult was appreciated, both aesthetic and qualitative.


The company, in this project, took care of the replacement of existing sandwich panels along the entire perimeter of the production structure. As a replacement for the existing coverings, we used corten steel cladding characterized by slats frames. First of all, this material is characterized by a high water impermeability, since, thanks to the presence of a surface patina, it protects itself from corrosion. Secondly it has the ability to filter the air and the light so as to create optimal working conditions inside the entire production plant. The peculiarity of the brown color, instead, allows to obtain a pleasant and particular aesthetic result. The same corten claddings have been used to cover all the access doors to the building. Deltabi then took care of the installation, besides the design and realization, of all corten steel frames for interiors. Installation took place naturally, the oxidation took place later on site.