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Este (PD)


Private client

Cladding with covering panels

Sandwich panels cladding for an open shelter of about 1,000 square meters and cladding of the facade of the industrial shed. The pre-existing structures have been modified and prepared for the union to new sheds. Deltabi has also provided the complete supply of industrial doors and windows.


Deltabi was responsible for the design, construction and installation of a sandwich panel cladding for an open canopy and the cladding of the facade, with the same material, of the industrial shed. A canopy of about 1,000 square meters, where the sandwich panel was the most appropriate choice, as it allows a greater flexural stiffness and strength, but with a reduced weight. The bending stiffness is given by the presence of several layers, two facades usually made of noble material with reduced thickness and a central core made of light materials. The chosen color, moss green, gives the prefabricated shed a modern and recognizable style. In addition to the supply of an external cladding, with specific sandwich panels for walls and canopies, Deltabi also supplied all the necessary windows and doors and industrial doors for the entrance and exit of the shed. The pre-existing construction, in Este in the province of Padua, has been slightly modified in order to allow a predisposition for the union of the existing industrial shed with new prefabricated ones.