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Architectural exterior walls cladding design

Deltabi, specialized as a metal carpentry manufacturer, has been responsible for the design and assembly of exterior walls cladding. The construction, located in the province of Vicenza, is composed of columns substructure and cladding purlins. From design to assembly, Deltabi has taken care of all the phases of the project for a guaranteed result.


Design and installation of architectural walls for outdoor use in Montecchio in the province of Vicenza. The project included the supply of a substructure in lattice columns, reticular beams and cladding wall purlins. The type of structure chosen, composed of a greater number of rods, guarantees resistance and absence of deformation of the external insulated architectural walls. All components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Deltabi, thanks to its many years of experience as a manufacturer of metal carpentry, has taken care of the design but also of the assembly on site to ensure the maximum result. A project that had to meet both functional needs, for a greater support, and aesthetic needs, not wanting to ruin the surrounding area due to the positioning in an external environment.