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Treviso (TV)


Private client

Aluminum parapets for historic villas maintenance

Maintenance and expansion of an historic villa. Construction and installation of the parapet for balcony, pergolas and portals in tubular profiles, sunshades, entrance portal and infill of the stairwell, adjustment windows.


Our company was responsible for carrying out the maintenance and expansion of a historic villa in Treviso.
The building has undergone various interventions including the raising of the windows. Our technicians found the most suitable solution from the point of view of both aesthetics and safety, adapting the windows to the regulations in force. In addition to securing the windows that are not up to standard, further interventions have concerned:
– the realization and installation of aluminum railings for balconies, made to measure and according to the highest standards of quality and safety. The materials used are strong, resistant and able to last for a long time;
– realization of pergolas and portals in tubular profiles, sunbreaks in carpentry profiles to complement the outdoor furniture.
In addition, a new entrance portal and the plugging of the stairwell were made.