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Aluminium cladding panels for a warehouse

Aluminium cladding panels, substructures in press-folded profiles, doors and windows, finishes and connections to the phonometries. A set of components, tailored to different needs, which led to the formation of a single complete project in the province of Padua. All the components were realized for a commercial shed. First of all, Deltabi took care of the surveys and the design of the components, then the realization and assembly, thus obtaining an optimization of the entire project.


Realization of a coating consisting of painted galvanized sheet metal panels for an existing commercial shed in the province of Padua. Approximately 800 square meters of sheet metal panels supported by substructures made of press-folded profiles assembled in such a way as to form rigid frames and anchored to the existing structures of the prefabricated building. In this way the strength and safety of the entire shed is ensured. Subsequently, we also inserted windows and doors, consisting of motorized sliding frames on guides. To complete the realization finishes and fittings to the phonometries in shaped galvanized and pre-painted sheet metal. Galvanized materials have been used as they are resistant to weather corrosion and rust formation. Deltabi took care of the different phases of the project, from the design to the installation, ensuring the maximum final result and the optimization of the order time. All materials and structures used ensure compliance with international standards.