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Metal carpentry for industrial and commercial structures

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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is a company specialized in the design and construction of metal structures for industrial and commercial use.

We realize industrial sheds, coverings, connection roofings, iron stairs, safety stairs with components, refinery structures, bridges and decks, roof coverings and walls in prefabricated metal panels, structures for continuous façades insulations and waterproofings, doors and windows for sheds, interior dividing walls and false ceilings, electrical and mechanical ventilation implants.

Our service is accompanied by feasibility studies, structural calculations and executive projects, in order to design and supply metal carpentry prefabricated with the highest efficiency, precision and attention to the constructive needs of the customer.

Thirty years of experience in the field

Deltabi Costruzioni works in Italy and abroad, organizing packagings, tranports and set-ups throughout Europe for any kind of metal carpentry structure.

The choice of using iron to build this kind of structures derives from the great constructive advantages and consequent benefits that this technique offers. The optimum relation between mechanical resistance and the specific gravity of the materials grants static performances with contained realization times, weights and sizes.

In our realizations, we add to the construction advantages of the materials, the long experience at an international level. Indeed, Deltabi Costruzioni in almost thirty years has been acquiring a great know-how for the design and construction of sheds and other industrial structures, coverings and stairs.

Deltabi Costruzioni realizes metal structures both in the industrial and in the commercial fields:

  • prefabricated industrial sheds
  • connections between sheds
  • temporary exhibition halls
  • iron and steel cantilever roofs
  • saftey stairs
  • iron stairs
  • stairs parapets
  • boardwalks and attics
  • rcontinuous façades coverings
  • notched sheet metal coverings
  • parking parapets

Deltabi Costruzioni services

  • job orders management
  • feasibility studies
  • cost controls
  • suppliers selection
  • assistance at the construction site