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Main activities

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From the initial project to the finished product: Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is the ideal partner for the realization of metal constructions.

The company takes care of the design and realization of metal structures, commercial and stand buildings, process structures and industrial buildings.

Other important structures realized by Deltabi Costruzioni Srl are those referring to the safety field, like safety stairs and parapets for industrial or commercial buildings. All the projects are carried out according to the highest international building standards.

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The professionalism and skills of the staff of Deltabi Costruzioni Srl are at the disposal of each and every customer in order to study customized solutions that are perfect for all the particular features of the realization. In order to meet the needs of the customers, Deltabi Costruzioni Srl manages the whole project, starting from the design of the job order to the turnkey completion, in Italy and abroad. The specialized technicians of Deltabi Costruzioni Srl manage also the supervision and coordination activities of the set-up teams.