Warehouse for means and snowplows

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Warehouse for means and snowplows

Warehouse for means and snowplows

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Warehouse for means and snowplows. The structure is covered with plugging in insulated metal panels, except for a 12 mt length area, where covering is open for storage use. Metal structure consisting in reticular hot-rolled beams for main parts and in cold-formed steel for roof and wall purlins.

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Waste treatment plant expansion

Design, supply and installation of a waste treatment plant expansion for a total covered surface of 2.667 square meters, installed on a preexistent perimeter wall. Load-bearing structure with reticular trusses in hot-dip galvanized metalwork, gantry girders for 15 tons overhead crane, roof and walls in sandwich panels with stainless steel supports, flashing in stainless steel. Windows in fixed glazing with perimeter profiles in prepainted aluminum. Roof inserts of single fiberglass slab strips complete with stainless steel fall protection net. Roof railings realized in tubular profiles.

Construction of a shed for a water treatment plant

Construction of a shed for a water treatment plant in Ukraine. The shed has a span of 30 ml for a total of 3500 sqm. Structure in metalwork hot-dip galvanized, roof and wall covering in sandwich panels.

Industrial covering for installation for waste treatment

Covering for industrial shed for waste treatment of about 14.500 sq.m. Due to production needs a net of 40,00 lm x 40,00 lm has been realized. Metal structure composed of main box beams of 4,00 lm in height and 2,00 lm in width, net trusses on a space of 38,00 lm. Wall purlins in C" profiles, cold laminated. Complete of coverings in sandwich panels in musk green color, skylights in alveolar polycarbonate and steam and heat out systems. "

Expansion of warehouse production area

12,000-square-meter enlargement of a production unit, realized with reticular trusses divided into three parts (32+32+10 lm). The columns are made of H profiles, wall and roof purlins in C profiles. The exterior frame is made of green sandwich panels, with skylights and alveolar polycarbonate and smoke/heat evacuators on the roof.

Industrial shed covering for washing installation

Industrial shed covering for washing installation for waste transport vehicles. The need was a self-covering structure on a space of about 28 lm and about 18 lm long, at a height of 10 lm, closed in the exterior side and protected in the interior side from the corrosive action of the washing. For the structure a shed has been realized, with 2 net spatial beams with triangular section composed of tubular profiles, positioned on the covering and laid on metal columns inside the perimeter wall. Their function is to support the covering in sandwich notched panels, waterproofed with bitumen gaiter, and the perimeter purlins, aimed at supporting the perimeter area in alveolar transparent polycarbonate. The interior metal parts are protected by notched sheet metals and stainless steel tinsmitheries. The structure permitted also the successive appliation of 50 sq.m. of photovoltaic panels with an inclination of 60 degrees.

Industrial warehouse

Industrial shed of about 10.500 sq.m, metal structures with columns and full core, net truss on a space of lm. 34.00+34.00, purlins in cold laminated profiles. Complete of sandwich covering panels in musk green color, skylights in alveolar polycarbonate and steam and heat out systems.

Temporary two-storey fair pavilion

Temporary fair pavilion with two storeys of 400 square meters each. It was supplied inclusive of roofing, walls in corrugated panels, floors in fret pattern profile sheet, finishing light metal works, interior stairs, exterior safety stairs, doors and windows, modular false ceilings in fibre and conditioning and heating system.

Connection between warehouses

Connection roofing between warehouses with bearing reticular bolted and zinc-plated structures, 'Ampex' type roofing with an overlapping insulated fret pattern profile panel. Connection shelter between prefabricated warehouses with bearing structures made with tubular profile trusses, hot zinc-plated and painted metal structural works, sandwich panel roofing with interposed skylights in opalescent polycarbonate, gutters and finishing light metal works.

600 square meters fair pavilion

Realization of a temporary fair pavilion in Vicenza, for a total of 600 square meters. The structures are full core and protected with hot zinc-plating, the claddings are in sandwich panels. Inclusive of doors and windows, safety exits doors, floors and heating-conditioning system.

Warehouse for fair pavilion

4,000 square meters fair pavilion realized at Padova Fiere made of two bays of 22.00 meters. For the structures a solution with full core columns, reticular bays, purlins and side bars in cold forged profiles was chosen. Supplied inclusive of coatings made with roofing and walls in sandwich panels insulated with mineral wool, motorized ribbon doors and windows, doors and gates for safety exits. It was later coated with corrugated aluminium sheet in 'silver' colour.

Full core warehouse

Warehouse in Padua industrial area of 150 x 12 meters for a total of 1,200 square meters with full core trusses, inclusive of the supply and fitting of the flat roofing cover in insulated panel waterproofed with double sheath, continuous skylights with smoke and heat evacuators and filling with prefabricated concrete panels.