Design and construction of silos towers with platform roof

industrial plant structures

Design and construction of silos towers with platform roof

Design and construction of silos towers with platform roof

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Tower silos, bearing structure

Design and realization of silos for the storage of polystyerene powder. Use of sandwich panels on walls and roof.

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Digestor cladding

Digestor cladding realized with an internal insulation layer in mineral wood and external supports in trapezoidal metal sheets prepainted color RAL 6003, everything complete of galvanized substructures suitable for the cladding support.


Structural steel pipe rack made of reticular beams and crossbars for piping support at height 8 mt. The structure is supported by vertical towers and trestles, and is in hot-dip galvanized metalwork.

Digestor assembly

Installation of a series of silos with diameter of 16 lm, complete of mineral wool and notched sheets cladding.

Construction of single layer roof in metallic carpentry

Demolishing and reconstruction of a one-slope shed in metal carpentry used a vehicle shelter. Roofing in sandwich panels complete of structure for photovoltaic system.

Realization canopy to connect warehouses

Realization of a canopy to connect warehoues for insertion trash compactor. Canopy made of metal structure, resting on three columns connected by means of internal truss. Trusses, covering with sandwich panel.

Construction of purifier building

Realization of an 800-square-meter industrial building with roof with one slope. The work was realized with full columns, 40-lm reticular trusses. The exterior frame was realized in green sandwich panels, with skylights and alveolar polycarbonate windows and smoke/heat evacuators on the roof.

Construction of noise barriers

Realization of an acoustic barriers with columns in hot-galvanized metal profiles and soundproof panels.

Design of basin for fair made of glass and metal

Realization of a substructure in metal carpentry and glass cladding for the realization of a floor on a water basin.

Warehouse roofing

Demolishing and recostruction of a shed in metal carpentry (about 1,300 square meters), complete of doors and windows and preparation for the future installation of photovoltaic system.

Tension structure shelters

Construction of a series of shelters with tensile structure for a shop in the Seychelles. This series of umbrellas is designed to perform the function of a canopy for the commercial activity. The structure was built with round tube profiles, each curtain converges towards the inside of the columns, that also act as drainage system for rain water. These structures also suitable to be installed on industrial plants.

Realization of shield for a structure for TAC

Box for CT with 8.5-m x 7-meter lead shield against X-rays. You can enter the building cladded with white-grey sandwich panels using a back safety door. On the other side there is a gate to insert the CT. The interior of the box is totally shielded with lead panels in order to avoid the propagation of radiations during the use of the CT.

Bioman purification plant covering

Enlargement of the industrial warehouse of about 8.500 sq.m. The production needs of the company required wide interior spaces and the possibility to enlarge the structure. Therefore, central and lateral beams have been realized, in order to bring the longitudinal column centerline to lm 16 and all the arrangements for a further enlargement both lateral and longitudinal. The covering is composed of grid roof trusses in span of lm. 32.00 + 32.00, of purlins in cold laminated profiles. Complete of sandwich panels coverings color moss green, cellular polycarbonate and smoke-heat vents

Mixing industrial installation structures

Multiple story industrial building for warehousing and mixing of raw materials. The structure is composed of full core beams. The attics are in corrugated notched sheet metal with reinforced-concrete grid slab with capacity 1500kg/sq.m. The covering is in insulated notched sandwich panels and waterproofed with bitumen gaiter. The covering is in insulated sandwich panels. The supply included doors and windows, steam and heat out systems, stairs and parapets at the floors.

Design of the connection for port tape structure

Connection structure between two production building, complete of maintenance suspended walkway with electrowelded grid and tube parapets.

Construction of coverage for workshop

4,500-square-meter industrial cladding. Part of the building is used as a canopy. Columns realized in full profiles, 40.00-lm. Reticular trusses, wall and roof purlins in laminated panels. Cladding in sandwich panels RAL 9006, windows and alveolar polycarbonate and smoke/heat evacuators.

Construction of coverage for conveyor belt

210-lm covering of a conveyor using profiles in galvanized sheets and notched panels (prepainted white-grey). The sides of the coveyor were closed with removable pvc cloths, in order to protect the material present on the conveyor from the wind and to make the maintenance easy.

Access slip road for shopping center

Access slip road to the 2 underground floors of a shopping center composed of a structure with full core beams and superficial finishing in electrowelded grid with capacity class 3. Lateral protections with guard-rail function in grid.

Shelter with zinc-plated and painted structures

Shelter with overhang with zinc-plated and painted structures, complete of gutters and sandwich panel roofing. Customizable sizes up to 10-meter overhang.

Supermarket roofing structures

Roofing structures for a supermarket in Rovereto (Trento). The intervention consists in the supply of reticular beams all along the perimeter in order to obtain an 'Alucobond' type substructure for faà§ades. Moreover, the 10 meters high entrance booth in hot zinc-plated metal structural work was realized.

Bridge decks and steel supporting structures

Set of 3 hoppers for Bisazza S.p.a. with a capacity of 80 cubic metres for a total of about 100 tons of material each. Scaffolding to support a set of 3 ovens, inclusive of the treading plan in rusticated reinforced sheet and border parapets, for a total weight of about 60 tons.