Project approach and budgeting

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After a first meeting with the customer Deltabi Costruzioni Srl identifies the needs and supports the customer in the best choice.

Always considering the cost/benefit ratio, the company proposes different and innovative solutions: we develop predimensioning for a preliminary design aimed at the drafting of the estimate. The estimate made to measure is suitable to meet the budget needs of the customer.


Listening to the customer and understanding their needs is essential to understand the problem or needs and consequently offer the most suitable design solution.

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl is able to support orders of different entities. From simple steel structures to prefabricated sheds and large outdoor roofs.

Deltabi carries out consultancy for feasibility studies both for the structural part and for the architectural part of the cladding and finishing.

Every variable and every detail will be taken into account in the preliminary proposal, after having outlined the basic objectives of the project.

The team does not only take into consideration the client’s idea, it shapes and evolves according to what may be the applicable improvements, in order to achieve the objectives or solve the problems.

In case of particular problems, at this stage, it may be necessary more than a preliminary meeting and technical inspections to better understand the context such as the type of construction site or vehicle access.

Depending on the type of project, architectural sketches are made for the client’s approval, through which any improvements or modifications can be evaluated.



In the first phase of estimate draft, we consider all the possibilities that meet the structural and architectural needs. Through a structural pre-dimensioning, we calculate the quantities and design a sales budget comparing costs/benefits.

The customer will then be guided in the choice of the best solution presenting the advantages of each variant.

Translating the customer’s request into a project capable of satisfying the needs often requires extensive research. In Deltabi Costruzioni Srl, research and innovation are always present. These are the two points that allow to exceed the customer’s expectations often breaking even the traditional design schemes.

The experimentation of new construction technologies and new materials, both in the design phase and in the realization phase, allow to offer solutions always at the forefront.