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Deltabi Costruzioni Srl follows the entire production chain. It periodically checks the activities, traces materials and treatments to ensure quality and resistance. For a greater optimization of resources but especially of time, the company monitors and coordinates all the various activities taking into account the necessary regulations and documentation.

The production chain

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl believes and invests in the resources of its country. The guarantees on the products are given by a production and processing totally Made in Italy.

At the three production sites we directly manage and control all the operational phases for the processing of iron carpentry structures. The phases are in accordance with the Factory Production Control. We guarantee structural components that meet the requirements of UNI EN 1090 CE marked, including all traceability of materials according to Execution Class EXC2.

We also realize and work most types of structures in carpentry. From heavy to light metal carpentry, from industrial structures to architectural structures up to furnishing and complementary elements. The design and production flexibility allows us to manage both quantity and quality production.

In order to guarantee a compliant product, the company develops a quality control system. It provides for periodic visits of the entire production chain, based on specific internal operating instructions and according to the type of criticality of the processing.


Processes and materials

All the processes carried out are certified, monitored and constantly tracked from the purchase phase of the semi-finished products, to their processing, welding and surface protection treatments. In Deltabi processing centers most of the processes such as welding, bending, drilling, laser cutting, plasma cutting, calendering are carried out.

We process not only steel but also other metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, cor-ten, brass and other materials such as glass, wood, GRFC.

Deltabi Costruzioni Srl outsources the purchase of accessory components from loyal, selected and qualified suppliers such as coating elements, windows and doors or finishing accessories. Every supplied product is controlled, through rigid criteria of acceptance in order to guarantee the conformity of the purchased product in relation to its use.

The last productive phase concerns the surface treatment of the carpentry. We supply structures either hot or cold galvanized or liquid or powder coated depending on the type of work or on the different conditions of aggressiveness in the places of installation.
At the warehouse is finally guaranteed a precise management and traceability of the lots by means of advanced management software.