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The second phase is the internal design, which involves the choice of construction types, materials and finishes. We develop the executive drawings, assembly drawings and loading plans for logistics. During this step, following the customer’s approval, the technical department, through advanced design software, develops all the drawings for production and assembly. On request we provide all the technical documentation for the notifications to the competent bodies, such as the Civil Engineering.

The design team

The real design process begins: at the technical office of Deltabi Costruzioni Srl, every idea takes shape, concretely developed in every single detail.

In this phase, the company, in step with technological innovations, invests and relies on the best and most advanced softwares on the market. These allow to improve and optimize the process.
Starting with the acquisition of the initial data, the processing and execution of the order design is carried out in a homogeneous and organized manner. The Project Manager defines times and methods of realization. Subsequently, the Technical Design Manager start defining all the structural and architectural aspects of the work. The attention is always directed towards the customer’s needs, trying to optimize times and costs with choices of technical solutions always targeted.

The entire design phase is carried out within the company, which systematically invests in new software allowing the development of both the architectural and structural design, up to the development of the construction details of the workshop. The internal technical office is equipped with 2 workstations dedicated to architectural design and rendering. 2 dedicated to structural calculation and 8 workstations for 3D modeling and executive drawing. All coordinated by 3 workstations that manage all processes through a management control system.

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Tools used

Our main 3D modeling and rendering software are Tekla, Tecnometal, Autocad, Archicad, Allplan while structural calculations are performed with Midas and Mastersap.

The technical department also provides support to the customer in the preparation of technical design documentation useful for the fulfillment of bureaucratic procedures. It provides structural calculation reports, accompanied by project drawings, for the subsequent filing at the Civil Engineering Department of reference.

The design concludes with the drafting of the executive drawings of the workshop, which is an extremely important and delicate phase, as it requires the utmost attention and consideration of various aspects, such as the optimization for the type of transport (container or hovering depending on the area of installation) and for the installation phase (own weight of the artifacts, lifting equipment to be used and site accessibility).